User Control Panel (UCP) Guide for Phone Settings                    

There are certain settings and functions for your phone that must be set using the User Control Panel (UCP). UCP is accessed via your Web Browser by navigating to the URL listed below: It is important to know that while it is possible to make many of these setting changes directly on the phone itself, those settings will be erased each time the phone reboots unless they are made using the UCP interface. 


Here are some steps for making settings changes and accessing features using the UCP: 


Navigating to the UCP
Step 1: Open a Web Browser and in the address bar key in the 


Step 2: Enter your login credentials. This will be your district computer username and password. Remember, this is not your email address. Just enter the same username and password that you use to log into your district computer every day. Note: The UCP is only accessible from within the district. 


Accessing the Call History 


From this tab in the UCP you can access a complete log of the call history associated with your extension. You can’t make any changes here, but you can view the history including the date and time of the call as well as a description. 



Accessing the Call Event Log 


From this tab you can view detailed information for all the events associated with your extension. Just like the Call History, this section is view only and no changes can be made here. 


Using the Device Management 


In this section you can setup your shortcut or favorite numbers. These are useful for those extensions and/or outside numbers that you frequently call. Once setup, all you have to do is press the button next to that shortcut/favorite in order to dial that number. There are five (5) steps to add a shortcut/favorite number. All five (5) must be completed in order for the settings to appear on your phone correctly. 


Step 1: For in-district extensions, from the drop-down list under ‘Type’, choose BLF. For out of district numbers, choose Speeddial


Step 2: Enter a ‘Label’. This is what will appear on your phone. For example, if you want to have our HR Director, James Owens, as a shortcut, just enter James Owens in the label field. Characters are limited here, so try to keep the labels as short as possible. 


Step 3: Enter a ‘Value’. This is the extension number (in-district) or the 9 + the number (outside the district). For in- district extension, just enter the extension number by itself (example: 1701). For outside numbers, make sure you start with 9 and if it is a long distance number use the 1 (example: 915035551122). 


Step 4: Set the ‘Account’ to Account 1. This will always be Account 1 and no other account should be used.
Step 5: This last step is very important. There are multiple ‘Save’ options in the drop-down menu. You must choose the 


Save, Re-build Config(s), and Update Phones option and then click the Apply button


Your phone will re-boot and the new settings will be applied. It can take several minutes for your phone to re-boot. If your phone does not automatically reboot, turn it over and unplug the network cable then plug the cable back in. 




Below are screen shots of the five (5) steps outlined on the previous page.


Accessing Voicemail 


In this tab you can access your Voicemail right on your computer screen. You can always access your Voicemail directly from your phone, but this is just another way to do it. With UCP, you can listen to your Voicemail on your computer, download them as audio files, or even forward them to other people—even multiple people at once. See the control icons below for each of these functions.