How To Add and Remove Printers on a Mac

Adding a Printer 


Step 1: Go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences. 

Step 2: Next choose Printer & Scanners. 

Step 3: Click on the + button to add a printer. 

Step 4: In the search box type in your building initials. 

Step 5: Choose the printer you want.
Note: Make sure it says Secure Airprint. Then click Add to add printer. 

Once it has been added you will get the following window. 


When it has been added it will look like this in the printer preference. 


Step 6: Now that you have your printer added. There will be a new step when you go to print. It will ask you for your Centennial District username and password. Once you put it in it will print. 


Note: If you want to save your password in the keychain please check the box. That says “Remember this password in my keychain” 


Also if you put in your password wrong you can go to the print dialogue hit the refresh button and it will ask you for the password again. 




Removing a Printer 


Step 1: Click on the - button to remove the printer. 

It will ask you if you're sure click on delete printer to remove the printer.