Liquid Exposure and Electronics


Some ways electronic devices get exposed to moisture are fairly obvious, and easy to avoid:

  • Spilled beverages
  • dropped immersion scenario
  • And splashed, sprinkled or sprayed

There are also less obvious ways that often get overlooked

  • Cold to humid and warm scenarios
  • Over-aggressive cleaning
  • And exposure to precipitation

With any of these, prevention is key. Once a device has been exposed to moisture, it's reliability is compromised.  

Rember these guidelines for the reliability of your technology hardware:

  • Avoid having beverages next to, or above your working space
  • Avoid setting the devices near or over sinks, bathroom counters, over toilets or bathing areas.
  • When cleaning your workspace, please move or cover your equipment to prevent accidental misting.
  • Equipment should not be left in a vehicle. Besides the risk of theft/vandalism, the device will be chilled on cold days.  When it's brought into a warm, more humid environment, condensation will form within the device.
  • Carefully follow device cleaning processes. 

It's sometimes possible to remove the moisture, and even get the device to run. However in most cases, it's going to have issues and degrade over time.  Should one of your District provided devices experience moisture contamination, you should contact the staff at the ITC as quickly as possible.  That may provide the time needed to backup your data, and get you running fast.