Connecting to Secure Wireless:

Connecting to the correct wireless nework is required in order to be able to reach the required services for your department and facility. This guide is written to assist with this process.


Utilizing iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch)

  • Tap into the Settings icon.
  • Tap onto the WiFi
  • Tap the network name CSD-SECURE.
  • Enter your CSD identity and password.
  • Choose Connect.  
  • You will receive a certificate note, that you will need to accept to continue.
  • You should see the network icon at the top of the display show the connection.

Utilizing the Android mobile system:

There may be some variations, as different device manufacturers have made modifications to their installation of Android.

  • In quick settings, turn WiFi on if it is not already active
  • You should get a notification, that there is an open wifi network nearby
  • Tap that notification, and it will show a list of the networks that are currently in range
  • Tap on CSD-SECURE
  • toggle "Phase 1 Authentication to "PEAP"
  • toggle "Phase 2 Authentication" to MSCHAPV2
  • Enter your CSD identity, and password
  • Choose Connect
  • you should see the WiFi connected icon at the top of the display.

Mac OS X

  • At the top of your display, toward the right side is the WiFi control icon.
  • Click on that icon, and it will show "searching for networks".
  • After a few moments, you will see networks populate the list.
  • Choose CSD-SECURE.
  • A message will pop up, requesting your sign on credentials.
  • Enter your CSD identity, and password.
  • Choose "Connect".
  • You should see the icon change to show signal strength.

Microsoft Windows

  • There is a network connection icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the display)
  • Click on the network icon, and choose "Connect to network"
  • It will bring up a list of available local wireless networks
  • Choose CSD-SECURE.
  • Enter your CSD credentials and choose connect.
  • You should receive a notification, indicating that you are connected to CSD-SECURE

Chrome OS

  • Upon initial power up, you will be prompted to join a local wireless network
  • CSD-SECURE should be chosen from the list of available networks
  • Enter your CSD credentials, and click on Continue.
  • At that point, you can sign into your Centennial mail account.